April 24, 2019
plenary session
Congress Centre, Press Hall


Chairman of Plenary S.V. Reznichenko

9.30  10.30 Participants’ Registration
10.30   11.00 The Conference Opening. Welcoming speeches
11.00  11.25 Production of Synthetic Rubber in Russia: 2008 – 2018

V.I. Aksenov; V.L. Zolotarev (Moscow)

11.25  11.50 Domestic Reference Materials for SR Manufacturing/Consuming Enterprises

N.P. Boreyko; G.T. Tkachenko; I.L. Gerasimova; M.A. Efremova; I.M. Tsipkina (FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg);
P.S. Khartiunova (FSUE «VNII SMT», Moscow)

11.50  12.05 Ministry of Industry and Trade Russia: informational Support for  Russian chemical Industry

I.I. Lyashkov (FGUP NTC CHIMVEST , Moscow)

12.05  12.20 New R&D Tools in SIBUR LLC for Development and Recycling of Polymers

V.I. Maschukov (SIBUR TCDPP LLC, Moscow)

12.20  12.35 Development of professional Standard in the Field of tire Technology

S.V.Fomin (Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, Vyatka State University)

12.35  13.00



Chairman of  Plenary N.P. Boreyko

13.00  13.15 Development of professional Standard «Specialist in the Production of Rubber Compounds»

V.G. Fedorov, N.P. Kurtzaeva (Research and analytical Center «Tchnovek» LLC, Moscow);
S.V. Reznichenko (Association «Elastomers», Moscow)

13.15  13.35 Russian Tires Market

Т.V. Arabadji (Russian Automotive Market Research, Nizhny Novgorod)

13.35 – 13.45 Digital Labeling and Track and Trace in Tyres

K.V. Volkov (CRPT (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russia)

13.45  14.05 Modern approaches to the Production of natural Rubber from temperate Plants

B.R. Kuluev; A.V. Knyazev; А.А. Muldashev; A.V. Chemeris
(Ufa Federal Research Centre RAS)

14.05  14.25 Current State and Development Prospects of Fluoroelastomer Materials for Extreme Applications

N.V. Lebedev; M.V. Zhuravlev; М.А. Volkova; А.N. Kollar; P.A. Yuferov
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

14.2 14.45 Development of the tire recycling Market by the industry Union of tire Manufacturers and Importers within the Framework of the extended producer Responsibility program 

S.A. Podoynikov (EcoTyresUnion, Moscow)

14.45  15.15 Mergers and Acquisitions in the tire and rubber Industry

Jacob Peled (Pelmar Engineering Ltd, Israel)

15.15  15.40 Break

Chairman of Plenary M.A. Vaniev

15.40  16.00 Perspective of Production of rubber Articles  in Russian Federation

D.S Reznichenko (NIIEMI LLC, Moscow)

16.00  16.20 ORGKHIM: Carcinogenicity test Methods for extender Oils, Carbon black and rubber Compounds

M. Lazarev; A. Schepalov; E. Glebova; A. Radbil
(ORGKHIM Biochemical Holding Management, Joint Stock Company, Nizhny Novgorod);
A. Seidel (Biochemical Institute for Environmental Carcinogens Prof. Dr. Gernot Grimmer-Foundation – BIU, St. Grosshandsdorf, Germany)

16.20  16.50 PRESENTATION  

Styrene thermoplastic Elastomers. Main Properties and Perspective of Application in Russia

O.V.Prokopchuk (R&P POLYPLASTIC LLC, Moscow)

16.50  17.20 PRESENTATION

Development and local Manufacturing of RU-FLEX thermal Insulation foamed elastomeric Materials

A.V. Zvonov; A.V. Shuvaeva («Russian Thermal Insulation Company» LLC, Moscow)

17.20  17.50 PRESENTATION

Equipment of Polimermash LLC: Development and Production

V.V. Zosich (Polimermash LLC , Saint-Petersburg)


April 25, 2019
section meetings


Congress Centre, Press Hall


Co-Chairmen of  Section: D.S. Reznichenko, N. Makhiyanov

10.15  10.45 PRESENTATION

The latest Development of the Company Schill+Seilacher «STRUKTOL» GmbH – technological additive STRUKTOL Aktivator 74. A detailed Description of its Advantages basing on laboratory Tests

Robert Bryk (The company Schill+Seilacher «STRUKTOL» GmbH, Ph.D. (in cooperation with the official distributor of the company «SKB ISTRA» jsc)

10.45  11.00 Mechanical Properties of Rubber Powder – Polysaccharide Blends

E.V. Prut; L.A. Zhorina; O.P. Kuznetsova; S.Z. Rogovina; A.A. Berlin
(Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics of RAS, Moscow)

11.00  11.25 PRESENTATION

«Premier» is a new quality Standard in elastomers properties Control

Yu. Neklyudov
(Alpha Technologies, LLC — the official representative of the company Alpha Technologies (USA) in Russia and CIS-countries)

11.25  11.50 PRESENTATION

Roll Equipment of the Company Comerio Ercole S.p.A. guarantees production Quality and Efficiency

Yu. Neklyudov
(Alpha Technologies, LLC — the official representative of the company Comerio Ercole S.p.A. (Italy) in Russia and CIS-countries)

11.50  12.05 The «TOM» Method features of Application of the express Method for evaluating ozon Resistance and physical and mechanical Properties of volcanizates

О.О. Tuzhikov; S.V. Mednikov; E.S. Bochkarev; D.S. Vostrikov; B.A. Buravov
(Volgograd State Technical University)

12.05 – 12.30 PRESENTATION

Automation of RTI quality control process with the help of machine vision

D. Itsenko  (Doss Visual Solution Srl, Italy)

12.30  12.50 Break



 Congress Centre, Press Hall


Co-Chairmen of Section: A.V. Tkachev, N.V. Lebedev

12.50  13.05 The new IIR Grades and other development Directions of SIBUR Togliatti LLC

S.V. Turenko; M.A. Sayapina; N.A. Demidova; A.N. Filippova
(R&D Center «Elastomers-T», SIBUR Togliatti LLC)

13.05  13.20 Halogenated butyl Rubbers: Properties, Quality, Advantages

E.A. Markina, O.V. Sofronova, D.R. Fazilova
(PJS “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”)

13.20  13.35 Study of the Structure formation Process in Compositions on the Basis of Caps Type SKN-33

O.V. Sorochenko; K.L. Nadelyaev
(Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant, JSC);
V.D. Voronchikhin
(Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology)

13.35 – 13.50 Formation of effective technological Schemes for the Synthesis of anionic Polybutadienes using mathematical Models

V.L. Zolotarev; I.P. Levenberg («Macrochem» LLC, Moscow);
L.A. Kovaleva (MIREA — Russian Technological University (Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)

13.50  14.10 13C-satellites in 13C NMR Spectra of polyisoprene Rubbers

N. Makhiyanov, Deputy Head of Laboratory, PhD (Ph.-M. Sc)
(«Nizhnekamskneftekhim» Pjsc)

14.10  14.25 Synergism of the New Antiaglomerator Kvantislip® BM-2R with the Antioxidants of Synthetic IR’s

S.M. Kavun; A.S. Medjibovsky («NPP QUALITET» LLC, Moscow);
I.Sh. Nasyrov; V.Ju. Faizova («Sintez-Kauchuk» JSC, Sterlitamak)

14.25 – 14.40 Efficiency of the new Kavantoks 3PPD-F antiozonant for Rubber Compounds in comparison with IPPD and 6PPD

S.M. Kavun; Yu.V. Goriachev; A.S. Medjibovsky
N.Ph. Ushmarin («Cheboksary production association named after V.I. Chapaev» JSC);
A.S. Lynova («Voronegsyntezkauchuk» OJSC)

14.40 – 15.00 Break

Co-Chairmen of Section:  S.I. Volfson, V.L. Zolotarev

15.00 – 15.15 Experience in the Development of large-scale Production «lithium» Polybutadiene at «EZSK» S.V. Lebedeva JSC: Synthesis, Properties and technological Features of Production

V.I. Aksyonov (Moscow)

15.15 – 15.30 Determination of glass transition Temperature of polydiene Rubbers by DSC: accuracy Aspects

M.N. Khasanov; E.V. Temnikova; N. Makhiyanov
(Nizhnekamskneftekhim Pjsc)

15.30 – 15.45 Functionalized Monomers for Synthesis of styrene-butadiene Rubbers

A.V. Budeeva; E.V. Bogoyvlenskay (NIOST LLC, Tomsk);
S.I. Volfson (Kazan National Research Technological University)

15.45 – 16.00 The Investigation of the Effect of Antioxidants different Nature on the Stability of the quality Indicators of high-viscosity oil-filled styrene-butadiene Rubbers

R.S. Pirogov; A.L. Rumyantseva; E.L. Polukhin; A.V. Tkachev
(Center «Elastomers», «Voronezhsintezkauchuk» JSC)

16.00 – 16.15 Testing of different antioxidant Systems for styrene-butadiene thermoplastic Elastomers

A.E. Setrakova; K.V. Aksenov; N.V. Sokolova; Yu.M. Vorobyeva;
I.P. Korchyagina; T.S. Lozovskaya
(Center «Elastomers», «Voronezhsyntezkauchuk» JSC)

16.15 – 16.30 Comparison of the Properties of domestic and imported chlorinated Rubbers

A.A. Zuev; L.R. Lyusova (MIREA — Russian Technological University (Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies);
N.P. Boreyko (FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

16.30 – 16.45 The Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the colloid-chemical Properties of styrene-butadiene-latex emulsion polymerization

P.A. Chelnokov; T.V. Kotova («Voronezhsintezkauchuk» jsc);
V.I. Korchagin; A.V. Protasov
(Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies)

16.45 – 17.00  Synergetic Effect in the functionalized neodymium-based polybutadiene Rubber

G.V. Dzhabarov; T.A. Yartseva; S.A. Lagunova; L.A. Boiko; N.G. Nafikova; N.V. Sokolova; A.V. Tkachev
(Center «Elastomers», «Voronezhsintezkauchuk» JSC)

17.00  17.15 Break

Congress Centre, Sky Light Hall


Co-Chairmen of Section: O.V. Karmanova, M.D. Sokolova

12.50 – 13.10 Development of elastomeric Materials based on ethylene-vinyl acetate Copolymers for the electrical Industry

M.V. Kolykhaeva; K.A. Zvezdenkov
(Russian Cable Scientific Research and Development Institute, Moscow);
A.M. Bukanov (MIREA — Russian Technological University
(Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)

13.1 13.25 Rubber of low Combustibility based on different Types of silicone raw Rubber

A.M. Chaykun; M.A. Venedictova
(FGUP «VIAM», Moscow)

13.25  13.40 Siloxane Rubber Thermosil for Producing elastic thermo- and frost-resistant Materials with operating Temperatures above 300°C

Yu.V. Frantsuzova; Yu.V. Khoroshavina; G.A. Nikolaev
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

13.40  13.55 Influence of SKD-9 Polyketon on the Process of vulcanizing Compositions containing 2-Mercaptobenzoiazole

V.D. Voronchikhin; O.V. Sorochenko; A.R. Dubrovsky
(Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology, Krasnoyarsk);
K.A. Dubkov; D.P. Ivanov; S.V. Semikolenov
(Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, Novosibirsk)

13.55  14.10 Research of Properties of termolizny technical Carbon

T.I. Igumenova (Voronezh State University of engineering technologies);
A.S. Gradov (NPO Innovatekh LLC, Saint-Petersburg)

14.1 14.25 Study of the Possibility of partial replacement of EPDM with IIR in the monolithic Part of the combined Seals

M.N. Yuschev; A.V. Tkachev; N.A. Mikhaleva
(Center «Elastomers» «Voronezhsynthezkauchuk» JSC)

14.25  14.40 Patterns of influence of structure-forming components on dynamic mechanical properties of composite materials based on butyl Rubber

O.I. Tarasova (Vyatka State University)

14.40  15.00 Break

Co-Chairmen of Section: V.D. Voronchikhin, Yu.A. Naumova

15.00 – 15.15 Butadiene Blockpolymers for winter tire Treads

Yu.F. Shutilin; O.V. Karmanova
(Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology);
V.I. Aksenov (Moscow); V.L. Zolotarev

15.15  15.30 Experience of climatic Studies of Rubber in Yakutia

M.D. Sokolova; A.F. Fedorova
(Institute of Oil and Gas Problems SB RAS, Yakutsk)

15.30  15.45 Waste Tires Recycling: Gorshkov’ Technology

V.A. Gorshkov (Samara, Russia)

15.45  16.00 New Thermoplastic damping polymeric Materials based on ethylene-vinyl Acetate

A.N. Volotskoy (Vyatka state university)

16.0 16.15 Water-swelling elastomers for packer Equipment

S.S. Lopatina; A.D. Bruk; M.A. Vaniev; N.V. Sychev; Ya.Yu. Savchenko
(Volgograd State Technical University)

16.15  16.30 Conformations of Macromolecules of nitrile Rubbers in ether Solutions

Yu.A. Naumova; L.A. Kolesova; L.R. Lyusova

(MIREA Russian Technological University (Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)

16.30  16.45 Elastic hysteresis Properties of epoxy-modified-silica filled Rubbers

N.G. Sedlova; I.B. Shilov; R.L. Vesnin; T.N. Shabardina
(Vyatka State University)

17.00  17.15 Break
17.15  18.00 Conference Closing.

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Poster session



1 Method of determining the Strength of the ceramic Layer of organosilicon Rubber in the cable Industry

К.V. Zaytseva; K.A. Zvezdenkov; G.S. Kozlova
(Russian Cable Scientific Research and Development Institute, Moscow)

2 Determination of Mooney-Rivlin material parameters based on hardness of rubber

Jan Krmela, Associate Professor, PhD (Tech. Sc.);
Vladimíra Krmelová, Associate Professor, PhD (Tech. Sc.)
(Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Trencin, Slovak Republic)

3 Quantitative Determination of copolymer rubber Composition by Differential Scanning Calorimetry

I.P. Korchagina; E.V. Boldina; I.Yu. Strukova; Т.R. Suloeva; A.V. Tkachev
(Center «Elastomers», «Voronezhsintezkauchuk» JSC)

4 Precision test for Rubber Process Analyzer

I.V. Muratov;  M.M. Samochernov
(MIREA — Russian Technological University
(Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow);
D.S. Reznichenko (NIIEMI LLC, Moscow)



1 Anticorrosive Decontaminable Protective Coatings Based on Low-Molecular Fluoropolymers

G.G. Cherniavsky; G.A. Emelianov; V.A. Lovchikov; L.V. Osetrova
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

2 Features of potting Сable assemblies by polymer Сompounds based on Elastomers

A.O. Volkov; A.M. Bukanov (MIREA — Russian Technological University
(Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow);
T.V. Romanova (« Corporation «Kometa» jsc, Moscow)

3 Polymer fiber Production by electrospinning Method

Yu.N. Filatov  (MIREA — Russian Technological University
(Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)

4 The Effect of Plasticizer and Plastics on the Properties of butadiene-styrene thermoplastic Elastomers

S.I. Volfson; R.D. Barmakov
(Kazan National Research Technological University)

5 The Effect of vinyl Unit in Solution styrene butadiene Rubbers on the Properties of Compound

A.S. Lynova; A.V. Tkachev; N.A. Mikhaleva
(Center «Elastomers» «Voronezhsynthezkauchuk» JSC);
O.V. Karmanova (Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology)

6 Structural Pproperties of an active matrix Additive based on discretely devulcanized Rubber

P.V. Grechkin; N.E. Kornienko («UltraMol» LLC, Kursk)

7 Research, Development and Application of thiourethane Compositions

A.D. Elchueva; D.S. Reznichenko (NIIEMI LLC, Moscow)

8 The Study of magnesium Oxide MagPro 140 produced by Vyazma-Brucite LLC in rubber Blends based on chloroprene Rubber and Fluoroelastomer

T.T. Rakhmatulin; A.Yu. Yurchenko; L.S. Shemyakina; D.S. Reznichenko
(NIIEMI LLC, Moscow)
A.V. Kulichenko; K.S. Sdobnov (Russian Mining Chemical Company LLC, Moscow)

9 Rubber Properties based on butadiene nitrile Rubber (NBR) and ethylene and vinyl acetate Copolymer (EVA) Combination

D.S. Vostrikov; E.S. Bochkarev; A.A. Moiseenko; M.A. Vaniev
(Volgograd State Technical University)

10 Creation of water-and oil-swellable Elastomers

M.A. Vaniev; N.V. Sychev; S.S. Lopatina; A.D. Bruk; Ya.Yu. Savchenko
(Volgograd State Technical University)

11 Effect of the SBS Structure on the Performance of footwear Compounds

А.О. Golovchenko (Center «Elastomers», «Voronezhsyntezkauchuk» JSC)

12 Multifunctional anti-oxidants for Rubbers based on molecular Complexes and complex Compounds with ecaprolactam

A.F. Puchkov; V.F. Kablov; M.P. Spiridonova
(Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute (branch) of «Volgograd State Technical University», Volzhsky)

13 Functional and elastomeric Materials on the basis of butadiene-styrene Rubber and Magnetite

A.A. Khachaturov; E.E. Potapov; S.V. Reznichenko (MIREA — Russian Technological University  (Institute of Physics and Technology), Moscow)

14 Components of vacuum Systems for in vitro Diagnostic that affect blood Composition

N.N. Simonova; L.Yu. Zakirova; S.V. Guzhova; R.Yu. Galimzyanova;
Yu.N. Khakimullin; R.S. Yarullin
(Kazan National Research Technological University)

15 Ability of Using vegetable oil soap Stock as tread rubber plasticizer Evaluation

O.Yu. Solovyeva; I.M. Volkov; V.V. Solovyev; S.V. Gudkov
(Yaroslavl State Technical University)

16 Properties of gum Compounds and Rubbers with shell vulcanization Activators

E.A. Vorontsova; A.B. Vetoshkin; O.Yu. Solovyeva; E.A. Indeykin
(Yaroslavl State Technical University)

17 Elastic-Hysteresis Properties of tread Rubbers based on SKI-3, modified phospholipids

M.E. Tsiganova, A.P. Rakhmatullina,
(Kazan National Research Technological Universit);
E.E. Potapov, A.N. Kovaleva (MIREA — Russian Technological University (Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)



1 Voronezh Branch of FSUE «NIISK»: 60 years

E.V. Blinov; V.N. Papkov; V.S. Glukhovskoy; E.A. Grinfeld; V.P. Yudin
(Voronezh branch of FSUE «NIISK»)

2 Substitution of non-biodegradable dispersers in emulsion polymerization Process

V.N. Beresnev; I.I. Krainik; S.V. Vershilov; S.V. Mishunin
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

3 The Introduction of various Oils in high molecular Weight «neodymium» Polybutadiene

S.I. Volfson (Kazan National Research Technological University);
D.R. Fazilova; D.R. Gimaldinov (R&T Center of «Nizhnekamsknefteсhim» Pjsc)

4 Test of the antioxidant Todonox 1520L in the production of Rubber SBR-1502

M.A. Nevdakhina; N.V. Kryuchkova; A.S. Lisovkina
(R&D Centre «Elastomers-T», «SIBUR Togliatti» llc)

5 The Use of neural network Technologies in the Study of the Properties of swelling Elastomers

O.V. Karmanova; S.G. Tikhomirov; A.S. Moskalev; E.A. Balashova,
(Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology)

6 Research of Properties of termolizny technical Carbon

T.I. Igumenova (Voronezh State University of engineering technologies);
A.S. Gradov (NPO Innovatekh LLC, Saint-Petersburg)

7 Synthesis of styrene-butadiene Copolymers in the presence of barium-containing Complexes

V.S. Glukhovskoy; V.V. Berdnikov; E.V. Blinov (Voronezh branch of FSUE «NIISK»);
D.N. Zemsky
(Nizhnekamsk Chemical Technological Institute of Kazan national Research Technological University);
A.V. Tkachev; E.L. Polukhin; A.L. Rumyantseva
(Center «Elastomers» «Voronezhsintezkauchuk» JSC)

8 Structure Modification of butadiene-nitrile Rubbers by low molecular Siloxanes

A.N. Zabelina; M. I. Glushak; Yu.V. Khoroshavina; A.S. Ramsh; S.K. Kurland
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

9 Effect of Nanocarbon Morphomeetric Parameters on Properties of Low-MolecularNitrile-Butadiene Rubbers

A.P. Vozniakovsky; A.Yu. Neverovskaya; Z.A. Otvalko; N.P. Boreiko
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)



1 Nanocomposites based on dimethylmethylvinylsiloxane Rubber with improved Properties

R.N. Gadelshin; P.V. Ponomarev; A.R. Kurbangaleeva; Yu.N. Khakimullin; S.I. Volfson
(Kazan National Research Technological University)

2 Effect of the Structure of silica Fillers introduced in small Quantities on the Properties of Vulcanizates

М.В. Yulovskaya; D.V. Voronkin (MIREA — Russian Technological University (Institute of Physics and Technology), Moscow)

3 Investigation of substitution Possibility of thermoplastic Phase in Thermoplastic vulcanizates based on Polypropylene and Combination of Rubbers with different Polarity on the recycled Materials

N.A. Okhotina; O.A. Panfilova; A.V. Sirazetdinov; G. G. Shaikhutdinova, I. I. Minnegaliev (Kazan National Research Technological University)

4 The Influence of 2D nanocarbons on the Structure and Properties of general-purpose Rubbers

A.P. Vozniakovsky; Yu.Yu. Bratcyhin; I.M. Tcypkina; A.Yu. Neverovskaya
(FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

5 Silica filler Influence on the Vulcanization and Properties of NBR-based  elastomeric Materials

A.A. Kanauzova; A.Yu. Yurchenko; T.T. Rakhmatulin; D.S. Reznichenko (NIIEMI LLC, Moscow)

6 The Effect of modified carbon Fillers on the Properties of Thermoplastic vulcanizates based on a Mixture of ABS-plastic and polar Rubber

S.I. Volfson; A.D. Nasertdinova; A.D. Khusainov
(Kazan National Research Technological University);
N.P. Boreyko (FSUE «ISR», Saint-Petersburg)

7 Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene as a Filler for polyurethane Matrices

L.V. Zakirov; A.A. Tabachkov; I.A. Grishanova; L.A. Zenitova
(Kazan National Research Technological University)

8 Using modified shungite in the rubber composition

A.A. Aristova, A.P. Rakhmatullina, M.E. Tsiganova,
(Kazan National Research Technological University);
E.E. Potapov, (MIREA — Russian Technological University (Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technologies) Moscow)


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