8th  RUSSIAN  RUBBER  CONFERENCE  (International)
Rubber’2018: Traditions and Innovation


Сonference date: April 25 26, 2018


— Ministry of Industry and Trade Russia,
— Association of Producers of rubber technical goods
   (Association «Elastomers»),
— Moscow Technological University (Institute of Fine Chemical

Sponsor: Volgograd State Technical University


Media support: «Kauchuk i Rezina» magazine

The main event of the Business Program of the 21 international Specialized Exhibition for rubber goods, tires, their production, raw materials and equipment «Tires & Rubber’2018» is the  8th RUSSIAN RUBBER CONFERENCE (International) «Rubber’2018: Traditions and Innovation».

The subject of the conference includes the discussing problems and tasks, which are being faced by the elastomeric materials science and industry, the trends taking place in the production and marketing of tires, mechanical rubber goods, raw materials for rubber goods production in Russia and in the world, with account being taken of the changing consumer demand, as well as of the resource saving and ecological considerations.Researchers and technologists, industrialists, members of the business community, industry consumers, representatives of the consulting and analytical centers, operation specialists, experts, ecologists, and other interested persons are invited to take part.The conference will be held as the Plenary Meeting and in two conference sections.


Subjects for discussion:

  • Raw Materials for Rubber Goods Production (Rubbers, Fillers, Oil, Chemicals);
  • Technology and Equipment for Manufactory of Articals from Rubber and TPE;
  • Phisycochemistry of  Synthesis and Processing of Elastomers; Computer Simulation;
  • Effective Fields of Usage Smart Elastomeric Composition and Articals;
  • Elastomeric Nanocomposites (Reciving, Structure, Properties, Application);
  • Ecology of Rubber manufacturing; News in Rubber Recycling;
  • Modern Methods of Organizaing and Menedgment of rubber Goods Production;
  • Domestic natural rubber: Rethinking the Soviet experience.


Time limits:

  • Plenary presentation – up to 30 minutes.
  • Oral presentation in sections — up to 20 minutes.
  • Discussion and debate – 5 minutes.
  • Commercial presentation – 30 minutes.


Terms of participation:

  • participation in the work of the conference by representatives of industrial and commercial enterprises – RUB 15,700 (no VAT);
  • participation in the work of the conference by representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences and of colleges and universities — RUB 7,800 (no VAT);
  • participation with a commercial presentation up to 30 minutes:
  • for exhibiting companies – RUB 17,700  (no VAT);
  • for non-exhibiting companies – RUB 26,700 (no VAT);
  • full color one page advertisement in the book of Conference’ Articles – RUB 15,500 (no VAT).
  • participation by correspondence (publication of report in the book of Conference’ Articles)– 2 500 (no VAT).

Participants without a presentation or scientific report should send an Application to the Executive secretary of the Conference before April 20, 2018.

Participants with scientific report or a commercial presentation of their company, innovative projects or technologies, as well as their products or services, should send an Application to the Executive secretary of the Conference before March 24, 2018.

The Agenda Committee of the Conference has the right not to accept presentations which do not match the topic of the Conference, or abstracts made in violation of the rules; the Agenda Committee has also the right to distribute the reports and presentations among the sections of the Conference.

For reports and presentations to be published in the book of Conference′ Articles, the text should be presented in electronic form in Russian and in English before March 30, 2018.

The articles are accepted in the Word (.doc, docx) format with the Conference name, the report name, presenter’s full name and surname, scholarly degree and academic title.

The articles shall not be longer than 100 lines, typed with 1,5 interval in Times New Roman, font 12, left margin 25 mm, right margin 10 mm, top and bottom margins 15 mm each.

The participants should also indicate in full their contacts and company contacts.


Contact information:
Conference Executive Secretary – Tatyana Konikova
Tel.: +8-10- (499) 256 21 66; + 7 (916) 035 64 54;
E-mail: tkonikova@mail.ru, t.konikova@yandex.ru

Application presentation
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